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The world is changing. Traditional fitness equipment is losing ground to technology. Don't get left behind! Join the race to the future of fitness with Cardio. Our IoT parts & sensors install at the ODM & OEM level and are easily retrofittable onto existing equipment as well. Simply adding Cardio Tech transforms and upgrades your traditional fitness equipment into a Cardio HUB connected, gaming & metaverse fitness experience that precisely tracks & rewards exercise.

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Cardio HUB

Cardio HUB is a curation platform (think Netflix of Exercise) that connects the world's best games with our fitness users.  Have unpublished games or games that you think can be a good fit with Metabike & Metarun?  As long as your games are playable via game controller, our middleware & firmware will handle the rest.  Get more exposure and take your games to the next level by transforming game-time into a full-body gaming experience.  Tell us more about your games and let's make the future of fitness together.

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Metaverse Fitness

Your gym members are looking for something more in this digital age. With automatic and accurate workout tracking on the Cardio App, members can see their cardio activity at a glance. Attract more members and increase retention by providing your members with Cardio Points earned during their workout on Cardio-installed fitness equipment (which they can spend in-app). Maximize your gym's income by transforming each treadmill into a digital display and give your members an opportunity to enhance their fitness experience in your gym. Tell us more about your gym through a hassle-free google form and we will let you know if you qualify for a no-cost or low-cost installation.

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Direct Marketing

Reach your target market of health & fitness-focused consumers through our direct marketing channels installed on fitness equipment at Point-of-Workout (via digital display) and through the Cardio APP & HUB. Say goodbye to wasted money on blind CPC spending and streamline your targeted advertising through location-based video ads, in-workout targeted video ads, and in-app displays. Place vouchers for your awesome products & services in our in-app Cardio Point Mall to create meaningful lead generation.

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Incentivized Exercise

A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Our fitness equipment is the perfect solution for your office, gym, or for employee fitness benefits. Cardio's Proof-of-Workout combines IoT at Point-of-Workout with machine learning to ensure the reliability of user fitness data and provides rewards only on verified workouts. Get tracking and visibility into your employee health benefits spending & adherence through Cardio. See how we can help with your insurance premiums and act as a direct bridge to insurance customers.

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